Stan Gibson


Hey everyone...welcome to Oxygen Plus! Thanks for checking out my web site and taking a few minutes to explore new paradigms for a more productive, intentional, and richer life! As a current executive at a Fortune 50 company I fully understand the constant grind and labor of "being present" both at home and at work. I totally understand and remember what it's like to climb the corporate ladder while working 70+ hours each week and feeling guilty about letting other priorities in my life slip away. I've worked with clients on the other spectrum who are finishing the 3rd quarter of life and wondering how to prepare for a "life of significance after success".

Having been a "student of energy" for the past 15 years, I can tell you unequivocally that most business owners and executives, while managing millions of dollars of assets, ignore the most expensive asset in their portfolio....YOU! Yes, we typically start and end our day checking emails, running off to work sitting through mind numbing meetings, eating on the fly, getting a reverse commute back home, living out of hotels feeling exhausted and wondering why life has no purpose.

My sole purpose of working with clients is to reclaim ENERGY! We'll help you and executives in your firm find purpose, a life with intention, working in your sweet spot without neglecting family, friends, and most importantly...Your well being! It's impossible to be effective at work if you aren't happy at home...and just the opposite. Take control of your life...live with intention, energy, and purpose.

Give me a call or send me a note! My passion and purpose is helping your and/or your organization work smarter, live with intention, and find sustainable energy in all phases of your life.

Stan Gibson