Living A Rich And Intentional Life

As a business executive and "student of energy" for more than 35 years, author Stan Gibson can tell you unequivocally that most business owners and executives, while managing millions of dollars in assets, ignore the most expensive asset in their portfolio - THEMSELVES! They typically spend their days checking emails, running off to work, sitting through mind-numbing meetings, eating on the fly, commuting home, living out of hotels, feeling exhausted, and wondering why life has no purpose.

Living a Rich and Intentional Life dives directly into reclaiming ENERGY and PURPOSE with intention. This collection of research centers around physiological and bio-hacks aimed at sleep, nutrition, exercise, relationships, mindfulness, personal branding, and life enriching routines. Many first-world diseases are related to stress which attacks our immune system, heart, gut, and brain. Living a Rich and Intentional Life is aimed at helping you find your "sweet spot" in life without neglecting family, friends, and most importantly - YOUR OWN WELL-BEING!

Welcome to Living a Rich and Intentional Life! Get ready to be a little selfish so you can be extremely selfless by exploring your unique designs and pathways to a healthy and intentional life!

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Living A Rich And Intentional Life