Core Clarity

Research shows that 20% of team members have literally checked out. 50% are mentally showing up however, their hearts are not in it. The remaining 30% are fully engaged. Core Clarity is a proven process to better understand team strengths, blindspots, and friction points with the objective of meeting goals, deadlines, and creating a sustainable culture.

  • Individual & Team Assessment
  • Individual and Team Coaching (Everyone Playing To Their Strengths)
  • Identify, address, and reduce friction
  • Utilize Core Clarity to reach team/client goals/objectives

Event Speaking

  • It's rare that someone makes such a big impact in your life in less than 30 minutes. I just wanted to say thank you!
  • Stan's talk was incredibly moving and relevant to my life and my family's life. I want to reset my priorities in life.
  • The best session I attended at the entire conference!
  • Best session of the Summit!

Rich and Intentional Life Program

  • Intense Leadership Training based on physiological and neurological techniques and strategies
  • Personal Development
    • Purpose/Awareness (Emotional Intelligence)
    • Physiological/Neurological strategies for Optimal Energy (Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Hydration)
    • Benefits of "Wearables" (i.e. Whoop, Oura Ring, Apple Apps)
    • Building Your Board of Directors and Key Relationships
    • Mindfullness/Visualization Strategies
    • Personal Brand Management
    • Building World Class Routines to Increase Productivity and Output