When someone mentions the word "Purpose", I can't help but remember Curly from City Slickers asking Billy Crystal if he knows what the secret of life is. You know, that "One Thing". As Curly said, if you stick to that nothing else means...

As Billy Crystal so intently ask..well what is that "One Thing", and Curly replies..."That's for you to figure out".

I've worked with many clients over the years and purpose is the one thing that everyone is looking for. It ranks up there with the "meaning of life" and "is there a God".

I read a fascinating book titled The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner. Dan and his team chronicled 5 areas in the world where life longevity surpasses 100 years. One of those areas is Okinawa, Japan. And while these 5 areas all share 9 similar principles, the number one and constant principle is purpose. In fact, in Japan their is no word for retirement. The only word they know is "Ikigai". Ikigai means "the reason for waking up in the morning". That burst of passion that gives you energy when all else fails. That certain wiring that only you have and if possible would be your sole focus.

For some, it's easy to find focus and passion. For others, it takes a little more time to explore. I often tell clients it's equally important to know "who you are...and who you're not". I've read many books and taken many personality profiles but everything keeps leading me back to my passion for helping others "flourish". My thirst for helping others be successful... achieving excellence, having energy and life with intention.

My desire is to help you find "that one thing". That area where you realize you need to be spending 80% of your time and "in the zone". The realization that you are uniquely talented in some areas and realize the need to surround yourself with others uniquely talented in areas that drain your energy.

I look forward to visiting and exploring your Ikigai...your reason for waking up!