An Excellent Speaker

Stan is an excellent speaker, coach, and friend. He is a true inspiration and provides guidance based on his own relationship-life experiences. Our staff and management team have benefited from his counseling and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Stan for many years to come.

Hash Hashemian
President & CEO, AMS Corporation

Soulful Leadership

Life's journey can be embraced or challenged and I was so lucky three decades ago when Stan came into my life, assumed my leadership role of a huge portfolio and team and made me feel free to relocate from Texas to California. Leadership today is defined by syncing your soul with decisions, challenges, and opportunities going forward with your IQ and previous experience. I call this soulful leadership and Stan came intro my world path and taught me all about that in relationships at work and home, humor even when you are in a tough situation and his positive and loving outlook at life and everyone around him.

John Combs
Principal, River Rock Real Estate Group

An Outstanding Person

An outstanding person, Stan has been a knowledgeable mentor, coach and friend. His desire to listen and provide forward thinking feedback has been foundational in my growth both professionally and personally. Educating me on keys of focus and structure have allowed me to build a successful business devoted to connecting and growing.

Fred Wakefield
8 Year NFL Veteran and Development Strategy Specialist

A Big Impact

It's rare that someone makes such a big impact in your life in less than 30 minutes. I just wanted to say thank you!

Nuclear Engineering Industry

Conference in Boston

  • Listening to him was such a great way to close out my day.
  • This is life changing! This is perfect timing for this information.
  • Best session of the Summit.
  • Awesome presentation. Really wonderful to hear the insights to gaining perspective on life, how to take control and maintain it. Really enjoyed our conversation.
  • Stan's talk was incredibly moving and relevant to my life and my family's life. I want to reset my priorities in life.
  • The best session I attended at the entire conference.
  • Stan effectively shared his vision in this session. It was inspirational & made everyone in the room "do a double take" on their own view point. Great meeting!
  • Fantastic discussion!! One of the best presentations I've attended in years!
  • Would like to see more sessions like this. If we can take some time to focus on ourselves, we can be a better employee, client/vendor etc.
  • Thought provoking.

Angelina Mullins & Becky Binder
CoreNet Global

Stan is one of the good guys!

Stan is one of the good guys! I have known him in a personal and professional capacity for the past several years. We first met through an arranged dinner by our wives who thought we had a lot in common. They were right! Stan and I shared a passion for leadership excellence and empowering others. Shortly after our first meeting, we agreed to take one another through our life coaching process. It was awesome! Even though I am a certified life coach with years of effective experience, I learned so much about myself and how to be a better coach through this experience. From that point on, Stan and I have become good friends and occasionally have the opportunity to collaborate on leadership training and coaching projects. I have had Stan present his OxygenPlus paradigm in my grad course on "Leadership and Decision Making" and he is always a favorite because of his content and authentic delivery style. Stan has developed a resource and accountability structure that he calls his "Board of Directors." I am very happy to be part of his Board and meet with him regularly. What a pleasure it has been to get to know Stan and partner with him in our shared areas of passion. I am so glad our wives set us up!

Dr. Paul G. Leavenworth
Executive Director, the Convergence group

I'm forever grateful.

Stan's passion for helping others and expertise in coaching/mentoring provided me a roadmap to surpass my own professional and personal goals. His process, of combining his business, personal, and mentoring skillsets, aligned my energy, goals, and purpose on the things that really matter that most. I'm forever grateful.

Brad Schoenfelder
President, Midwest Region - Ryan Companies

Very Thought Provoking Perspective

We had the pleasure of having Stan Gibson as our keynote speaker at the 2017 Commercial Relocation Network's annual conference in Nashville. We had the unique opportunity to hear Stan speak on two topics, corporate real estate and living a rich life. His updates and forecasts on the direction of corporate real estate and company culture were invaluable insights for our organization. As the presentation transitioned to living a rich and intentional life Stan kept the group engaged with a very thought provoking perspective and from the heart personal anecdotes. I would recommend Stan to any organization looking for an inspiring speaker and hope that I can hear his message again soon.

Brandon Stephens
Director of Corporate Services, Dircks Moving and Logistics