“Working with Stan was a great experience. His enthusiasm, sincerity, and genuine interest in supporting others is evident in the way he coaches and consults. His depth of experience came through in the way he asked questions, made connections, and pushed me to consider new strategies as I worked toward my personal and professional goals.”

Kristin Economos

Director of Student Leadership Programs at Drake University

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  • Married to my WONDERFUL wife for 40 years (met in 3rd grade but that’s another story)
  • Former Senior Executive with two Fortune 500 Companies and an entrepreneur
  • I’m passionate about People-Centric Leadership helping seasoned and emerging Leaders PIVOT and/or ELEVATE to a level they never imagined!
  • I work with organizations helping teams CONNECT, FIND THEIR SWIM LANES, and work with GREATER PRODUCTIVITY
  • I have a passion to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE audiences as it relates to Next Level Leadership creating personal and organizational ENERGY
  • I strongly believe in a customized approach and having strategic connections making sure YOU and or YOUR ORGANIZATION get the RESULTS you desire!
  • I’m the author of Living a Rich and Intentional Life
  • Oh, and I’m an avid researcher regarding the neuro and physiological science helping leaders create abundant energy through sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, productivity, routine, and healthy relationships!


Finding Purpose,
Energy, and Intention